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Plastik is a full-service production company formed by a collective of filmmakers with over 250 years combined experience in entertainment promotion and branded content.  We are dedicated to the creative process from concept to delivery, or any point in between.  Like the material from which we borrow our name, our services are, by necessity, as wide ranging and flexible as the entertainment-media landscape in which we live.  Our pledge is take whatever challenge is presented to us, craft a mold that fits it perfectly, and cast a solution that is durable, beautiful and recyclable!


  • Remote and Virtual Production Solutions

  • Taking verbal abuse with a smile

  • Post-production Scheduling and Supervision

  • Offline and Online Editorial Services

  • Aromatic Coffee Brewing and Artisan Donut Tastings

  • Motion Graphics and Title Design

  • VFX and Compositing

  • Sound Mixing, Design and Effects

  • Color-timing, Finishing and Asset Delivery - 16x9, 9x16, 1x1... Anything by Anything.

  • Masters of the Wrap Party

  • In General: Making Your Dope Shit Even Doper. 

We offer our clients:

  • Concept, Script and Storyboard Development

  • Fully Scalable Production Services

  • Production Scheduling and Management

  • Union and Non-Union Crewing

  • Camera, Grip & Lighting Support

  • Super tasty Craft Service snacks, including Funyuns and Mr. Pibb

  • Creative Direction for Image and Branded Campaigns

  • Live Music and Event Coverage and Streaming

  • Behind-the-Scenes, Interviews and EPKs

  • Staying out of the eyeline of A-list celebrities

Creative Director/Editor

Jesse Gordon has almost 20 years experience as a key-creative.  He has worked as a writer, director, producer, creative director, editor, and every possible hyphenate combination thereof.   Jesse comes from the “leave no stone unturned” school of filmmaking, and trusts that if teamwork, relentlessness, and quality coffee are present, great storytelling can happen - every time.

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Max has a knack for capturing those wink and a smile comedic moments. He started out waiting tables and working on indie films, so he really appreciates a set with good food. His work has been recognized by the AICP, AdWeek, SHOOT Magazine and many, many publications you've never heard of before. He sometimes reminisces about his football playing days like Uncle Rico.  Apologies in advance.

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Stanley Morse

Stanley Morse is the son of his two parents (true story). Born to a world class African American jazz musician father and an English professor mother, Stanley was destined for the artistic path. After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, Stanley took on the film industry and became an award-winning Director for clients such as T-Mobile, Ford & Indy Car. It boils down to this...

parents + creative visions = genius.

It's simple math.

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Cat Commander is a feline cartoon character on a nine-lives-long quest to become a ‘real girl’. Her superpower is the ability to breathe a powerful life force into your ideas, stories and ambitious travel itineraries. Forget small talk, Cat wants to know your innermost fears and desires, in no time she’ll turn them a thematic statement that could underpin a compelling feature film or hit limited series for premium cable. She has a 'can-do' attitude, and an Australian accent.

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The Plastik team has worked with or at every major studio and agency. We're well versed in everything we do. And if we haven't already met, lets fix that.

Director of Photography

A long time ago in a land far, far away there was a Finnish boy who had dreams of making it BIG in Hollywood. That boy is now all growns up and can be found pulling up to set in what looks like an unmarked cop car from the set of TJ Hooker. Aside from restoring American sedans from the 80's, he has a passion for capturing those rare magical moments when everything falls into place and the images resonates and becomes alive. 

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Executive Producer

Mike Begovich joined Plastik as an executive producer with over 15 years combined experience as a line producer and as an executive producer at Treefort Creative and Ringleader Productions. Over the years he has worked with many of the top ad agencies and brands around the world, including as a flight attendant for the Spice Girls World Tour. True story. Feel free to ask him about it. 

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Producer/Post Supervisor/Editor

Jerry is a reformed ninja assassin who has spent over 15 years dedicated to his true calling as a director, producer, and editor. He employs the same discipline and killer instinct to his creative work, which spans a wide variety of formats, from docuseries to promos to live events. The resident tech nerd, Jerry is deeply passionate about leveraging technology to advance storytelling and is an expert on the latest production and post-production workflows.

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Art Director/Designer

Henry is a multidisciplinary designer and creative director with a demonstrated history working for clients in the entertainment, hospitality and consumer product industries. He's skilled in brand building, digital strategy and graphic design. He is a thoughtful problem solver and passionate storyteller with a"Let's finish it tomorrow." approach to work and life. 

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“I’ve worked with this creative team a lot, both in post and on shoots, and they have consistently outdone expectations and done beautiful work” 

~ Noah Lerner, Creative Director, Showtime

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